TAAG Angola Airlines Dash-8 Q400

In November of 2021, TAAG Angola Airlines received the first of its Q400s, and has received more since then. I think this would be a cool livery to have in Infinite Flight, as it will open up many more domestic routes within Angola. It’s an amazing livery that the community loves, and it would look great on the Q400!


Please consider voting, and have a great rest of your day!!

first vote to #1 support one of my best friends and #2 because this livery is beyond stunning

I like it! It will be nice to update it in IF, although I don’t have any extra votes.

Yeah, not trying to be that guy, but @United403 found this (Credits to him)

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Is there a protocol for this?

Aww snap! I don’t see that a feature request for this livery already existed. I will flag this for mod closure.

Be sure to vote here though!

Most duplicates get closed as to not clog up the forum and confuse members

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