TAAG Angola Airlines B737-700 Video

Hey IFC,

I just found this cool video of a 737 going full power after take off. I think this sounds amazing! Let me know what you think because the sound is outstanding. Do you think this is good for the engines?

Just thought I’d share this,

It starts at 1:30.

Video is not mine, credit to fcr855’s YouTube’s channel.


Looks like my IF departures when I’m in a hurry


That’s quite true for me also!


I’ve seen this video, and looking through the comments, people were saying that it’s a normal procedure, and I can agree because I’ve taken off and then gone to full power. This might have been a first-time flyer, or someone that doesn’t know much about airplanes, but everything is ok. :)


People are saying normal but I personally have never encountered such a thing(I guessI’m noob lol). And no it’s not good for the engines. The hole point of power reduction (climb power) is to not wear out the engines so what were they thinking lol

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