TAAG 777-300ER livery

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So as we all know, the 777 series will be reworked and I think the TAAG 777-300ER livery would be a great addition to the new liveries coming with the reworked 777s, I’ve seen the 777 with the TAAG livery in person and I think it looks beautiful and i think it would also look fantastic in game.

See for yourself:


More about TAAG Angola Airlines (Wikipedia)

Thank you for taking your time to read through this thread, I hope it earns your vote. Thanks!


There seems that there already is a Feature Request for this specific airlines for the 777-300ER. W e do advise to utilize the search bar function to ensure that one does not post a duplicate post, Thank You 🙂

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Ohh my bad, I searched it up and this particular thread did not appear, thanks!

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