TA-VA_Kaptan_Asil’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

[SESSION DONE & CLOSED] Hi everyone! I’m Asil. I’m currently an applicant for IFATC, waiting for my exams. And i want more practicing with training sessions. If you have time to help me, then come, fly and make feedbacks about your experience. I’m focused on Pattern Works and Sequencing. So I will appreciate if you make pattern work. I’m starting at GMT 15:30

Airport ICAO code: LTCN (Kahramanmaras Airport,Turkey)

Training Session Status: “Session CLOSED”

Server: Training Server of course :)

Frequncies will be managed: Ground & Tower

Aircraft capacity of airport: 5 Medium, 2 Light
Total=7 A/C

Note! : this airport is an classic Anatolian airport, no taxiways and only 1 runway because it’s not busy at most. 1 or 2 flights per day. Pilots must back taxi and line up. Or land and back taxi to apron. that’s the challenge of airport also :) many go arounds can be expected at busy sessions. It will be a very good experience.


I recommend putting open/closed status in your title as well— also please tag me whenever you open, I’ll try to stop by :)

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@BT_HANDLES Thanks for advice i directly made it after closing session.

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Hello there,
Here is Bullet 99 feedback …

✅ P/B and taxi
✅ T/O clearance with direction to take
⚠️ [15:35:55] I reported on base because I didn’t had clearance yet. Try to clear as soon as crosswind / early downwind…
⚠️ [15:3613] You cleared me for option, which is good…but no need to instruct a direction since I’m already instructed left traffic from my T/O…A direction is needed only the first time a plane lands on the runway…following patterns just require the option since the pilot should do the same thing until further request / instructions…
⚠️ [15:37:56] You ask for my intentions… They didn’t changed… pattern work 😉 … so in that case, you just have to issue a sequence if needed, and a clearance for option again
⚠️ [15:44:41] I had to request my frequency change…when a plane departs your airspace, don’t. forget to approve his frequency change
⚠️ [15:45:46] Transition: The transition altitude can be calculated with the formula: airport elevation + 2500 and then round the result up to the nearest 500’… at this airport, transition should be 1700 + 2500 = 4200…so rounded up it gives you a transition at 4500’ instead of 4000’

Here it is for me…

Keep up the good work and tag me when you open…

Thanks for the service and see ya next time!

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@J-F_V Hi Sir! Your feedback is amazing! Yeah your right with my mistakes. I will try not to do them anymore. Your tips are detailed and clear. In addition to that i also wanna say this: When you made the transition i though your a IFATC or something like that. Then i looked at your profile and saw your Virtual Organization :) Thanks again for being that helpful. Have a nice day!

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Thanks for your feedback on my feedback 😂
Feel free to tag me when you open
See Ya!

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