How can you get a Infinite Flight T-Shirt Anybody know, If So Let Me Know 👍🏾😊😎👍🏾


There are a few colors to choose from and two logo styles as well. I believe shipping was limited to the US only at some point. Not sure if that limitation is still in effect.

Newer Style

Older Style


I think they’re on Amazon


Love your Amazon reviews 🍿

PS- someone buy me a shirt and I’ll be your pal 😎


I can ship it to Italy, so I believe in the EU too ;-)

amazon.com doesn’t want to deliver to Netherlands.

On amazon.co.uk the shirt doesn’t exit 😓

What now? @Cameron?

You can only buy them in the US

Ask Cam to help you ;)


Does IF not have an official website you can get them from?

No. Only amazon. Though it’s unclear where you can ship that

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Could you get in the UK because i live in the UK


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Thank you

Btw sorry for wasting your time

There is a thing called internet.
Through a browser like Google or Mozilla,
You can search and open Amazon.
Amazon is available in different languages and countries.
(Note the country abbreviation after Amazon.xx
I.e. Amazon.uk, .de, .it, …)
Now comes the interesting thing!
If you try to purchase something that isn’t available in your country…
A message pops out saying you can’t buy it There!
Just go and check!

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Nope us Brits can’t get it 😭

Are the shirts free to get

No, they cost $15. I don’t know the other currency conversions. I only know that they are $15 USD.

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No they are $14.99 to buy

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