T.F Green International Airport gets more destinations on Frontier

Today, Frontier and T.F Green Airport held a meeting that discussed new destinations that frontier will be having. Here is the list Frontier will fly from KPVD
announced routes for 2018:
Charlotte, NC (Spring 2018)
Raleigh, NC (Spring 2018)
Announced routes for 2017
Denver, CO
Fort Myers, FL
Orlando, FL
Miami, FL
Tampa, FL
New Orleans, LA


I can’t believe this, PVD out of all places is getting all these new airlines while us here in Manchester, NH get nothing. Wow.


This could be discussed here, idk if this deserves its own topic


Very cool! Excited to see all these new routes open!

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Yes! It’s about time. I’ve been waiting for a good budget airline to get me from CLT to north of EWR for a while. Finally Frontier delivers. Now if they offer fares just as cheap as the $25 a seat from CLT to CLE I just scored from them, that would be excellent. Regardless, looks like I’ll be planning a trip to the greater northeast US next summer. No more excuses @Charles_Fosbroke! ;)
Thank you for sharing this report Daniel.


This is awesome to see airlines expanding. Frontier also added service to Long Island MacArthur Islip Airport, along with lots of destinations from there including the ones listed above.


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