T.F Green Airport Website doesn't display International arrivals or Departures?

First off, I am surprised that Providence, RI has International flights to Portugal and Cape Verde. I found out quite some time ago, when I saw a photo of an A310 at gate 8, which seemed odd. Apparently, Azores Airlines (formally SATA) flies seasonally to Ponta Delgada, though its a seasonal route. The only International flight that is not seasonal is via TACV, which flies from Praia using a B757.
Condor used to offer seasonal flights to Frankfurt, Germany before they cut the route (This was due to Eurowings entering the Boston market).

My question is: Why doesn’t the Arrival or Departure board show these International flights in the website? Also in Flightaware and FR24, I can only see TACV flights (Though only like two flights showed up, both incomplete for some reason), but it does not even show these flights in the flight trackers. How come?

By the way, It does show both the airlines in the “Airlines” section.

TACV flight here (Shows as Unknown):

P.S Anyone who lives near KPVD, have you flown Int’l with Azores or TACV? I’d like to know :)

Eurowings ended service at the end of August and moved it to MIA instead.

I’m not sure. Maybe the website owners choose to not post about international arrivals/departures.

It’s all about accuracy. Usually older aircraft are harder to track their GPS positioning so it’s usually estimated based on last known location and scheduled time of arrival/departure.

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