Systems Status

What do all these mean?

What your connection status is with servers… The Live Server is what runs the Live server with all the flights, the Global Server supports the Global Scenery, and the other ones are self explanatory. Status on these should improve soon with a Server restart…

I’m getting the same things too.

I don’t take to much notice of them though.

What is an API service?

That is what third party apps use to run their apps… Example: In Flight Assistant, Infinite Flight PAX, etc.

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Green means good
Yellow is bad or poor
Red is disconnected

Weather isn’t a big deal if it doesn’t stay red for too long
User Account is an issue if it stays like that for too long
Global and Live is bad if you have any issues there
API Server is for any apps outside of Infinite Flight that connect with it; If you’re not using any apps besides Infinite Flight during your flight, you don’t have to worry about this.

If you have issues with any of these, make sure you have a strong internet connection. WiFi is preferred

I cant connect to any servers, I cannot even log in, so they must be doing a server reset

Which servers have you tried. Currently controlling on the Expert Server without any issues. Also, check your internet connection. That may be a cause

I simply can’t logg in

I can’t aswell but i think the servers are being updated

Hello! They are doing a server reset so try again in a little while… If your issue persists after a while you have waited, please let us know.

Yeah, after a few minutes it worked (currently hopping across airports in Greenland)