Systems for Aircrafts

Sorry guys, I posted this in general as well but didn’t realise I should post it here, but I have an idea for a feature, so tell me what you think.

The idea was for a new set of systems for all aircrafts, for example, failures, so a pilot can chose whether or not to enable the failure system, and during or before a flight something will happen to the aircraft E.G, engine failour or hydraulic failour, meaning the pilot would have to either rectify the problem, for example if it was an engine failure you would turn off that engine and fly with your remaining ones and also send out a ‘Mayday’ call to ATC, then they ask you what the problem is, and then you tell them with the correct ATC message, then they clear all traffic for you and advise you which runway to come in on.

This is an idea I had, so tell me what you think. In the other forum I didn’t say it as detailed as this but if you would like more info just ask.


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Ahah right ah thanks I didn’t see that

That’s a very good idea, then it will be that little bit more realistic. I do think that there might be one problem, if the option for a failure is for everyone, then everyone will want to try it, if the Air traffic controller needs to clear traffic for 10 emergency aircraft, then the other aircraft will never be able to land and it will become a little unrealistic if there are that many emergency aircraft. However If there is a system where only one or two people can execute a failure on one area, then that might be fine and will add to the realism of aviation. Good idea

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Thanks Jack, and I understand what you mean by too many aircrafts with failours, and I do believe only maybe 5 aircrafts in a curtain airspace should be able to have these failours, because then the Centre can divert different aircrafts to different airports dependent on how the pilot feels flying the aircraft to the assigned airport, I also believe that dependent on the failour it should be as server as it would be in real life and I do believe pilots should follow a set procedure to fix the problem, for example if they have an engine failour to declear the problem, and ask for clearance to decend and all that stuff so it does indeed feel realistic