System Violations Improvement for Expert Server

So I’ve recently come across this topic:
Pilot errors deserve a violation flag

and it inspired this idea: Adding a new layer of system supervision on expert server. that is:
automatically reporting a user who is at fault of a collision on the ^ground^ only. How this would work: enacting a level 3 violation to the player with the highest velocity upon impact. thus, fault is determined by ground speed.

the problem with my idea tho is head-on collisions, i guess both people would receive violations since you both should have done something to avoid each other lol. Also, this wouldn’t apply very well if some one is blocking a taxiway.

if this proves not to be reliable enough, instead of issuing a level 3 violation, it could simply remove the offending user from the session

overall i think it’s an effective method to improve the ES experience for realism-seekers. after all it designed for experts. Without IFATC presence, crowded airports usually become part of the casual server if im being honest haha

The issue with this is connection issues may cause planes to crash into each other at a high velocity unintentionally, this is what you see when people may have a connection issue!

Would this not be hard to implement for this reason?

im not sure, as I’ve never encountered that problem where either me or some one else is travelling too rapidly due to poor connection

hi, i hope you are all well. It would not be a bad idea, because I had a bad experience in ES, the pilot was preventing me from having access to the runways, I had no solution, I stopped my aircraft and I was waiting for the game to end. unfortunately, there are people without commitment to the rules in the IF. Cheers.

Tbh I would like this to be applied on training server too because the same thing happens on there and there’s nothing to stop a person from doing it.

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How would the system determine who is at fault in certain situations?

(For example: if you are taxiing/exiting a runway quickly and someone cuts in front of you at the last moment)

Think what @Captain_Oblivious is trying to say is to bring back the reporting button for all users to use when there’s erratic behaviour happening to them. If situation gets worse report higher violation on the forum or something. Once higher violation approved the user who’s reported gets given higher violation.

i just said fault is based on speed. still requires a lot of avoidance from both parties

Disconnecting them from their flight would make more sense then a level 3. ATC do have report reasons that simply disconnect the pilot instead of issuing a violation.

What you’re proposing is basically just collision physics that ends their flight if they crash into someone else.

Automatic fault determination is going to cause trolling 100%. The prime example would be intentionally trying to be rear ended by taxiing at erratic speeds, or cutting someone off on the runway. Additionally, there is the possibility that a miscommunication outside of IF can cause a ground collision, and it is impossible to determine faul in this case.

BTW, wing to wing collisions should probably be ignored. They can be caused by too many factors (bad taxiing instructions by ATC, being in HUD view, other aircraft not loading in, trolling by weaving in a taxiway).

Problem with expert is that you have to be in controlled area for that to happened and sometimes it happens outside the coverage area atc controlled airspace. This is why we exactly need to bring back reporting button for all users. You shouldn’t have to get atc to report it at all and it’s ruining overall experience for everyone!

Also no one can really disconnect a user unless your atc or moderator on here. Another factor is that users who trying to report erratic behaviour then have to report through on another device to report on the forum just to disconnect the erratic user which shouldn’t be the case!

No, I meant if two planes crash into each other on the ground then both aircraft would then crash and their flight would end. No violation. So it wouldn’t matter if it was in controlled airspace or not.

The portion about ground speed. Trying to judge intent by using ground speed is kind of tricky.

I like the thought but collision detection of moving objects is easier said than done. Just because one is moving at a higher rate of speed does not mean 100% of the time they are at fault. What about people that slow down right before collision in order to bump the other one out. Essentially you are giving a way for a pilot to cause another pilot a violation by their actions. I know this is something that would like to be done but I think there are some pre-requisites involved.

There’s still one problem with that, the person can still reappear back onto the server again and they don’t get violated. Also at the moment you can’t even crash into someone while your flying or on ground.

You don’t need to report users behaviour based by ground speed. You need to report by the accused user intentions by bringing back the report button plus and giving a reason why you reporting the user, also selecting list of a reason, once selected reason get violated. My personal opinion is that something like that should be added.

Doing that wouldn’t be unprecedented when it comes to reports. There are ways for ATC to report an aircraft and disconnect them from their flight. This can happen if for example they have a connection issue and interfere with other aircraft. They wouldn’t receive a level 1, 2 or 3 violation but they’d be kicked from their flight and can spawn back in.

Again you would have to be atc controlled airspace for that to happen or if you’re not in atc controlled airspace you would have report on the forum. At the moment you can’t report users unless your well trusted status or mod. It’s frustrating for users like me and others who want to experience some realism. There are occurrences where users constantly deliberately annoy other users and they just quit flight and come back again. There needs to be something done about that!

I doubt anyone would want to report a user just because their having connection issues and the user who’s reporting feels like their doing deliberately. Also the accused would be able to record the incident to prove their innocents by going onto replay and recording to show as proof.

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If the accused user is doing it deliberately then there’s every reason to give them violation unless they try and challenge to prove them innocent. Also if you try slow down and you’ve crashed by accident there’s replay to show proof so it can get reversed pretty easily.

If someone was stopped at a stop light in front of me and they threw it in reverse and backed into me they could very easily say they were stopped and I was at fault. Unless I have a dash cam there is no way to prove it. Not everyone has a camera. The same holds true with replays.

Majority of the pilots are honest but with any multiplayer system when you have the ability to impact others there will be people trying to find ways to make it happen. If two planes are taxiing at the same time and one is faster than the other but the other on swerves on purpose to make wing clip. Its a good idea but there needs to be a lot more thought before just saying “this person did it”.


That’s why you need some sort of system on the infinite flight app instead on the forum to put violation and then select reason stating ‘not giving way’, should be approved automatically without atc or mod help. Sorry I don’t have any annotation to show what I mean and I’m bad when to making and showing.

I don’t understand this one. Are you saying there’s no way to prove on replay? If so how? I don’t get it.