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I was just doing a flight from Abu Dhabi - Dhaka on expert sever as Etihad 921. I set my VNAV on once I reached my cruising altitude. It was my mistake in leaving my IPAD so once it got to my first decent level at 20,000ft and it continued further down it obviously did not reduce the speed. After reaching 10,000ft it issued a violation and I wasn’t in the room but once I got there I saw what happened and obviously tried my best to reduce it and it was too late and issued me three violations. Is there any way this can be taken back as it was an honest mistake and I was not in my room at the time.
My username is InfiniteFlyer18
Thank you in advance

Hey there! Sorry this occurred. Unfortunately in this case it is pilot error and most likely will not be reversed since nothing was wrong with the app. Tip, VNAV should only be armed 1 min prior to top of descent. This should be a great learning experience though. :)


Thanks for your response. I understand that it was a pilot error and yes it was a great learning experience haha :D. I dont really understand Top of Descent even though i did look at the user guide haha. Hence i just leave my VNAV on once i reach my cruising altitude. So is it highly unlikely that the violations will be reversed as i did try my best to reduce the speed but it was too late?.
Thank you :)

VNAV does not monitor speed, just the decent rate

Hey! Basically the top of descent is when you are right about to start your descent. You can find the top of descent by going into the autopilot section and the VNAV feature or button will display when it is top of descent. You can also find the amount of time until VNAV will start bringing you down if you toggle the status bars at the bottom of the screen to the VNAV category. To answer your other question it is unlikely your violation will get reversed as there is no fault with the app. The violations they remove are only if they have valid evidence that something was wrong like a bug within the sim to cause it.

Hey. Unfortunately our moderation team will only reverse level one violations if a glitch occurred. The entire point of the level one violations, is to insure you are following proper procedures, and that you stay at your device during the critical phases of flight. Always wait to arm VNAV until you are at your device, and are confident that you will not step away from your it device. Level one violations aren’t that big a deal. Even me, as a IFATC, was banned from expert server for a week because I had to step away. You’ll be back in no time, and it barely leaves an impact on your record. Happy flying!

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Thank you!!! it was just irritating as it was the last phase of the flight and it happened haha. thank you!!

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