System to use for VA's

I want a system for EasyJet Virtual, but I can’t find one, all we use is slack and bitrix24 I would much rather use something else would anyone know of any severs to use?

We want like
in ASCARS for Infinite Flight but also a flight manager to run it

Thats not what I meant please review the topic

At this point in time ACARS hasn’t been created for Infinite Flight…

If you’re after a flight tracker that specifically looks for aircraft with EZY for example that can be done with LiveFlight creator Cameron. If you ask nicely he’ll create an embedded code for you to add to your website and pilots flights will be shown in the map. :)


I’m thinking of creating a system like that but users would have to pay for it (because it’s not free to develop and run on servers), and I don’t know if VA managers would pay for it.

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That always depends on what such a system would offer/ if it would be an advantage at the bottom line.

Why was I tagged?

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you own sketchflight

I wouldn’t but some may, you could make a free version with less features

Maybe @Cameron can do something special for VAs

It doesn’t matter, if you wish to use our company please visit the website and order.

Though we are cancelling further website orders due to a system update.

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@Sam1: To my knowledge, he is already on that.

Also, can you elaborate for me on what your definition of system is? A complete website system or a messaging system?


So a flight tracking system?

no like VATSIM’s VA services

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