System status failure

On the system status I’m getting told that I’m not connected to the live server is the way to connect or should it connect on it’s own. I’m using a IPad Air 2.

You may have to wait a few moments for everything to boot and connect ;)

If you’ve been stuck waiting for awhile close the app and restart your device.

I’m in the middle of flying, it’s been like that for half/hour and it hasn’t connected.

How is your internet connection? I noticed that when I was flying on AT&T’s 4G LTE there were instances where my connection to the server was slow and intermittent. Everything drastically improved once I was home and on WiFi. Also, make sure that you are not backing out of the app.

My Internet connection is good, I’m on wifi and I’m not backing up from the app. But when you are flying can you put the game on pause.

It was doing this to me in solo. My WiFi is strong. It last about 30 seconds on and off. Maybe overcrowded servers.

As long as you keep the app running you should be fine, for instance when you calibrate your device you should be able to return back yo flying with no issues.

Will it be alright to fly, so when I get to my destination I won’t be able to use ATC, will I’ll still be getting XP.

I would continue to your destination and see if you are able to reconnect to the server while enroute. Once you are reconnected to the server just give the system a few moments to update your flight time and information ;)

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Ok, thank you very much for your help :)

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