System of adding 3D airports in the globe

I just noticed some 3D airports aren‘t added even it announced ages ago.
From other threads, I found WIP of RJCC (Sapporo new chitose),
and I think that post was 2 years ago.

And is not added yet.
I wonder if someone teach me how the addition of 3D airport work please.

*please note this is my first post so correct if there is something isn’t follow rules.


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IFAET are all volunteers. Their goal is to release all airports, but no timeframe or guaruntees. You can look on the Scenery Editing topic to see which airports are being worked on.



Airports are made by community members in the Scenery Editing Team, of which the application can be found here.

Updates on Sapporo (RJCC) can be found here:


Thank you your your reply!
If you don’t mind, can you tell me how the 3d airport Prioritize to add on IF?

There’s no priority to the release of specific airports. It’s all decided by individual community members as to what they edit, and the time frame that they work on it to complete it, such as RJCC’s state, as the airport has not yet reached completion. :)

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I understand.
Sorry for take your time and thanks you so much!

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