System glitch!

I need help ASAP!!
I did a flight yesterday from TTPP to TJSJ. Everything went well. As I was coming in to land the alarm started going off for “Overspeed” however I was only going 205kts. Ended up landing pretty good. Got my my scores for the flight it was fine. I just logged in to do another flight and now it’s showing 6 violations for that flight. How is that even possible. I went from grade 3 to grade 1. This needs to be fixed ASAP. If you’re a moderator or someone on the board please contact me. This is very unfair, and I’m not happy about it.

You got violations because you where overspeeding…

This may help:

Also, if you have set you speed to 205 kts, that does not mean that your aircraft was flying at 205 kts…

In addition to what @NationofAviation said, please send through a screenshot of your log book with the violations popup open for that flight. Also, if you still believe you wrongly got violations please PM a staff member with your display name at the time and an explanation of what happened.

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You were going 575kts ground speed at FL270 for quite some time, which means you were most likely kissing the red tape (over speed) for quite some time.

The violations was not incorrectly given. But we are aware of an issue that causes the overspeed alarm to stay on even if you’ve slowed down. That issue is not giving any additional violations though.

Feel free to PM me if you have any further questions.