System Glitch: Terrain Disappears

IOS: 11.2.1
iPad Pro
IF 17.12.2

After finishing a 4 hour flight from KBOS —> KPHX I was descending into KPHX and the terrain cleared and went black and all active lights on my 737 went out and I ended up landing via ILS (successfully I might add).

Any idea why this happened?

I restarted my iPad prior to the flight. I have good internet I’ve never had issues before. I have included some screenshots:


Thanks for your help.

This is a known issue caused by a corrupt terrain file. It happens occasionally and there isn’t really a reason for it. Restart your app and you’ll be all good.
Check this out:


Ahh, cool. Thanks for the info.

FYI: I killed the app and restarted app but it still didn’t show up. So I killed it again and restarted device and it loaded then.

Thanks, again.

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Please tick @ewanfleming 's post as seemed this has resolved the issue?

Thanks :)

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