System ghost

Super fast question, does I system ghost when you leave the app in the background for to long count as real ghost?

Not sure why it would system ghost you, unless you receive 5 violations. If it does system ghost you, 5 violations will technically be the same as a real ghost, since you won’t have access to expert server for 7 days.


If you got a system ghost in the background, its probably because you were overspeeding (i believe there’s a speed limit of 350 KIAS), and the five violations leading to the ghost will keep you off ES for a week, but the ghost wont count towards your “Reports” count in the long run

Yes, the system report will not count towards your number of reports - but the number of violations that will be got before a system ghost is issued will go on your record - and since it is 5 violations before a system ghost - it will still keep you off the Expert Server for a week.

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We ask that you don’t leave the app when in the middle of a session. That said, if you do, the system will eventually disconnect you from your session. Please try your best to stay with the app when using it.