system ghost

i don’t blabber about why I got ghosted but I received a system ghost I was wondering if I could contact a moderator for help in an effort to get it removed ? thanks in advance.

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What did you get it for?

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System ghosts will not be removed unless it’s at the fault of the system. Would you mind explaining how you got the ghost? Also provide screenshots or the replay.

bassically I was on a non active airport Aberdeen to be precise doing a flight with a friend who’d already rotated and was climbing and I lined up on the runway and BOOM BATTER 5% so I run to my bag grab the charger and got a ghost. i feel like its a little nessarsaay

  1. i was the only aircraft on the airport
  2. I’m not a troll is understand if I was trolling which I wasn’t
  3. it’s pointless for me to be in trouble if there’s no intention to ruin people’s flying expirance considering I was the only active aircraft on the ground.

i do have a replay


Unfortunately, this cannot be reversed since it was at your own fault. Sorry for the inconvenience :(


That is messed up put this in #support and get a Mod on it they should help
No guarantees THO

@American_1549 we don’t know exactly what happened

@Azhal_Halil if you could share your replay using, and someone from the staff or mod team can see what really happened, and what your violations were for.

The System will give you a ghost once your surpass 5 violations/flight.

@American_1549 this should not be in #support as this is a legit ghosting.

Go on #support, but i don’t think they will help you tho

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Ok the sorry guys for the false info

Do this then

Contact a mod and try and explain it to him

I agree with @GiulioRomano

You could perhaps see about changing the rules, but that would be ex post facto.

As it stands, runway idle is a legitimate violation and system ghost, plus you received the warning, so I’m not sure what we are after here.


Smart man, Tim. I wasn’t able to put two and two together to figure out it was for being idle on runway

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Once you announce departure or once you are cleared for departure, you take off. You don’t stay on the runway for another two minutes doing nothing. And you don’t leave your device in such a critical moment of the flight, it doesn’t matter if there’s no other plane.

You leave the runway, finish your preparations (that includes getting a charger) and then you announce your departure again before you take off.

As stated before multiple times: I’m afraid this ghost will not be reversible as it’s a clear violation of the transparent rules provided by IF.


If I recall, you have about 1 min 30seconds from the time of the warning to the time of the ghosting being issued. Even though you had a low battery you still had plenty of time to pull off the runway and onto the nearest taxiway. Unfortunately we do not remove ghostings when the system is working correctly. Please try to keep your time on the runway to an absolute minimum moving forward. Its not a ramp/tarmac/parking lot. 🙂