System Flag for Inappropriate Word

Alright so basically I decided to comment on a feature request, the one about bookmarks in flight. (Link: Add replay bookmark in flight )
But what’s got me so confused is that when I typed my reply and hit submit, it didn’t go through, and was immediately flagged after 2 seconds of me hitting post reply. Apparently you can edit it to make it show up, but it’s not giving me the option. (I may be looking in the wrong place so please tell me.)

^This is my reply, but unless I’m having some sort of stroke there is absolutely nothing wrong with this reply.

Can someone help me understand as to why this is happening?


Unfortunately, the word that refers to someone’s rear (but with another t) is a flagged word by the system. The system ended up auto flagging you

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Wow I did not think it was that strict. So how would I go about changing it?

Just create a new reply under that topic without the word that got flagged.

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Cool I changed it. Someone can close this now. Thanks

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