System Failure Eurocontrol 03.04.18

The failure of a central computer system of the European air traffic control Eurocontrol has led to far-reaching disruptions in European air traffic. As the organization announced in Brussels, a system for data exchange and scheduling coordination was involved.


Second failure in 20 years 😲
Interesting article too, thanks for sharing it :)

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Haven’t heard about this before? Interesting…🤔
And it was happened twice in this century, hope it doesn’t reoccur again. Wouldn’t be good for european air travel 😞

Is this the same company wich was involved in a DHL and a russian Tu154(I think) crash and a father who lost his kids and wife killed the controller but the controller did nothig wrong?

Nope. Eurocontrol is the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation.
Skyguide, the Zürich ATC was responsibel for the Ueberlingen mid-air crash.

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Oh. I was wrong.

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