System error?

Hey guys :) ,

You all can perhaps help me out with this. I was flying from EDDF to EDDS and towards the end of my flight my CRJ went crazy. I had my speed set at 200, and my cruise was at 10,000. I was at around 4,900 and when I looked on my flight just now, it said my speed was higher than 200 but it still showed I had autopilot on and it was still set at 200? I racked up a vio because of it and I thought most likely it might have been a system thing because it said I stalled but I didn’t crash? I honestly have no idea whats going on. I’ll post the replay link here once I figure out how to :)

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Hey Mandy!

You can share your replay here:

If you think that it’s a system thing, I recommend contacting a moderator with proof (In this case the replay) and telling them what happened. I’m sure they would be glad to remove your violation if it really is a system bug.

It might have also been because of the current Winds aloft issue. More info below :)



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