System Crash = Violations?


The night before last I experienced a system crash on my phone while taking off on IF. I was still at 90% Throttle on my initial climb when my game froze, my home button wouldn’t even work so I had to restart my phone completely. Seems simple enough, right?

Well I didn’t think anything of it until I came back to IF the next morning - I was downgraded to Grade 1 and had 6 violations? Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I initially thought someone may have hacked my account or something until it dawned on me what had happened the night before.

I haven’t had chance to post this as I was flying all day yesterday. Thanks in advance! Mags


It probably kept on going even though you experienced that it froze, it can happen sometimes i’m afraid.

@Tyler_Shelton can probably have a closer look for you to what caused the violations, and with that information make a proper assessment if it were violations that happened during that period you had problems.


It’s happened to plenty of people. You can only pause Solo, so unless and until you hit End Game or the game is fully closed (not just in the background), it keeps going.

No one hacked your account. You probably just climbed past 250, or took a nose dove and got speed/acrobatics violations or something.

A polite request of a Mod may help, but other than that, this happens all the time.


Thanks guys @Tim_B! Hopefully it gets resolved by a mod then. And thanks for tagging them too!!


Yes, this has happened to me a few times. The last time I was on Expert. Had taxied to runway when internet went down. Waited around 7 or 8 minutes and at this point decided to take off anyway despite not having internet. Thought I would be flying off line. Guess what, just got into runway when internet resumed. Got ghoasted for putting other pilots at risk. Have also had buttons freeze

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It happens to me too. I was flying an approach with my new Ipad when the connection quits, when I returned online I was too close from other planes and I was ghosted. One week without expert server was not so bad. I took advantage of it to train with other types of planes in training server.

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what about Phillippe?

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He’s a developer, I’m pretty sure Tyler is the best person to contact.


Thanks for contacting support! I have removed all 6 overspeed violations. Close and relaunch the app then you should be all set with your previous grade. Have a nice day!