System crash at LAX

Is anyone else having issue with system crashes, ground graphics
Etc. when takeoff/landing at LAX? I am on latest version but have had multiple system crashes eith during takeoff or on final.

What device do you use? Depending on the device and the graphic settings you use it may crash more

I use an IPad. It seems to just happen at LAX…

Do you know the specific info about the iPad like the name and year it came out? There are many types of iPad’s out there.

Not sure on the specific model. Under setting it just says “Ipad”. OS is 15.2.

I have cleared up space several times and this issue only started recently.

Hey, can you let us know what your graphics settings are.

Have your tried restarting your device and the app.
Clearing your cache via settings??

Ok so graphics are all set to high. I haven’t ever set them down but I am willing to try that if you think it will help.

I have cleared cache and opened up general storage space etc. I always empty out my past flight folder.

Is there a specific graphic setting I should turn down?

Try different settings of all. Just have a play around and see if you get crashes on anything else other then high.

that happened to me last night… I crashed while taking off…

GDay, I’ve sent you a link below with how to find the model number, let us know and we can find the specific model of iPad and its capabilities.

I’ve experienced this countless times too, always on final at a big 3D airport. I’m almost 100% sure it’s a 3D airport loading issue that makes your game crash. When it doesn’t crash, there’s always a little freeze when I turn final (when the buildings load in).Make sure to set your 3D object density to low if you’re flying long haul or a newer, more advanced aircraft. The 3D object density is the one thing that is really gonna work. I used to have these every 2 flights but since I have done those, it hasn’t happened again. And I play on everything high quality except 3D density on an iPhone 7 Plus, which is on the slightly lower end.