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After the new update that the system button got added, I’ve been having some trouble.

When you’re inflight (with the autopilot on) you try to hit the system button but accidentally hit the autopilot and disarmed it. I did that many times and was curious if any of you had this kind of experience?[poll type=number

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I’ve personally never experienced this before, I’m always extra cautious when tapping anything near the autopilot

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How big is the screen on your device?

The autopilot buttons are on the left side for me.

I use an iPhone 7. is that the reason?

Haven’t had an issue with it. Do wish that if you tapped on the screen that it’d go away, if you navigate to another area and the system button goes away you gotta go back to it to get it off … ie if i switched to maps

I would say an iPhone 5, I would see how you can press both buttons at the same time…

Try using your index finger instead of your thumb - might help

I use an iPad usually but sometimes a phone

I sometimes disengage the AP while adjusting rhe trim… depends on the layout. I learned to be more carefull to avoid overspeeding violations…
Best of luck

I’ve experienced the same and maybe a solution to that is if the pilot had to double click on the Auto pilot button in order to disengage it, there wouldn’t be any accidental in-flight disengaging.

How do you find this idea?


Hmmm… I would suggest like a “Confirm autopilot disconnect” message, that can be toggled on and off in the settings.

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@fraspotting1,@jetpro I think that’s a great idea


A double tap to the AP button would be awesome. A confirmation message might be cumbersome during landing.

It’s all a part of being careful. In aviation, you don’t want to screw around.

Anyways, I’ve never had this type of issue happen to me before. But I like how they updated it because I don’t want to have to drag my finger to the right on the bottom of the screen just to turn on/off lights, engines, and seat belts.

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