Syncline's Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A [WRITTEN PASSED] [PRACTICAL PASSED]

Hello, I’m Ricky, and welcome to my Radar Training Thread!. I’m an IFATC Specialist. I’m currently in the IFATC Radar Training process and I wanted to make a radar tracking thread.


  • Airport, runways, and other information will be given each time I open.
  • Regardless of the winds, please only use the runway(s) I announce.
  • Please fly at a reasonable speed at all times.
    Downwind [ 200 - 210 IAS ]
    Base [ 180 IAS ]
  • Please follow every instruction even if you are going to have a Terrain / Sep bust. This will help me where I need to improve.

Listed below are the approach types I’d like to be tested on:

Approach types:

ILS Approach

GPS Approach

Visual Approach

Radar Vectors

Guidance for giving a Feedback

Please report any following

  • Terrain bust: Must remain above 1,000ft AGL when not on a cleared approach, climbing from an airport, and/or actively being controlled on my frequency.
  • Separation bust: Must remain 3nm horizontal, and 1,000ft vertical distance between other aircraft.
  • Issue intercepting: Should intercept before the ILS cone begins, at a heading of 30⁰ off or no less than 10⁰
  • Inefficiency: If you believe you could’ve got to the runway significantly quicker safely.

It would be better if you could gave the feedback include with the Time Stamp as an example:

(13:10:47) Terrain Bust 839’

This thread was approved by my trainer @Antoine_Turrian


Status : Closed

LWSK - Skopje Int’l Airport

Rwy 34 is in Use

Request ILS/GPS/Visual/Radar Vector

Coming in now!

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Thanks for your time @nicopizarro @Irfan_Adikurniawan @Ramzi_Khairan @Kedz @Stef_Smet. Have a good one everyone!



Inbound/ILS Approach:

  • Descended me far too late, i could of been descended much earlier. I was going -1400 V/S and was still too high to even intercept at 5k.

  • Inefficient approach, once i’ve cleared the area with 6-7K MSA, feel free to turn me for a straight in type of approach but slightly slanted. Along with this command you can descend me. You made me do a tricky approach which made my intercepting harsh.

  • Reverse was too late, i was too wide for it too. Doing what i mentioned would of done the trick, you could of descended me to 5k and intercept me with 30 degrees with clearance altitude of 4k. Reverse was far too late and too high, had i had time i would of called M/A.

Overall, you just need to work on implementing straight in arrivals. Be more bolder with altitudes and vectors, don’t delay till last minute where i was still far too late to descend. Keep improving your technique, you’ll get there with practice. Thanks Ricky!!

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Feedback from N1RK

Inbound (ILS)

  • No Bust Today, really nice job

  • if you have this situation again in the future, you can intercept them at that point, instead of bring the aircraft to base - intercept. Red line is the way that i talked about. Green is my actual path.

  • Intercept was perfect!

Thanks Ricky!

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I think you did great!

Good speed commands to maintain spacing, correct handover to Unicom.
No ground/aircraft incursions.
Last but not least, the reversed clearance (17:43) just worked out fine and simultaneously fit in CC-NPR in front of me who was on a visual approach! 👍

To be short nice job,
Stef oo-lxv

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Feel free to tag me. If I’ve time I’ll jump by.

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Thank you for the service. I was CC-NPR and I have some feedback and advice for you.


(See below for advice regarding each situation)

  • [17:23z] - Unnecessary second vector towards RDW for CC-NPR.
  • [17:28z] - Test Flight 466 avoidable upwind heading.
  • [17:43z] - Unnecessary reverse intercept for OO-LXV.
  • [17:44z] - Nice job putting CC-NPR in front of OO-LXV.
  • [17:45z] - No speed restriction for OO-LXV.
  • [17:47z] - Late handoff for CC-NPR and OO-LXV.


  • CC-NPR could have been directed to RDW for runway 34 by an initial vector instead of using two vectors, for this, a 130º heading would have worked better than 140º.

  • Although Test Flight 466 turned on his own to LDW, there was a better way to avoid a separation conflict between TF466 and CC-NPR on RDW, which was through vertical separation. Considering that the MSA for RDW (next to the cone) was 4,000ft, I would have TF466 to maintain 4,000ft (as CC-NPR was told to descend to 5,000ft) and let him continue below CC-NPR until TF466 can take the downwind heading and increase altitude at the same time that CC-NPR can descend to make an earlier turn to base.

  • Red: What you did.
  • Green: Which I suggest.
  • Yellow: CC-NPR ideal path.

  • Although you did a great job putting CC-NPR in front of OO-LXV, you created a conflict between the last aircraft and N1RK. If you had given OO-LXV a standard intercept on a shorter downwind, you could have N1RK intercept from the other base as well. It might have extended CC-NPR’s downwind, but it would have been worth it as there was no gap to fit it in.

  • A speed reduction would have worked perfectly for OO-LXV to follow CC-NPR as spacing was pretty tight at times on final. Good call on turning CC-NPR in front though.

  • Visual approaches should be handed off as soon as they are cleared AND they are conflict-free. As for OO-LXV, he was already established and a slightly late handoff would have been justified by a speed reduction to avoid a tight spacing with CC-NPR in front, but there was none.

Overall, you did a great job, no terrain or separation busts reported. You’ll need to practice to correct that inefficiency but you’re doing a great job.

Feel free to tag me when you open. Have a good day!


Hi there. Feel free to tag me. Hope i can come soon! 😉

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Status : Closed

OAKB - Kabul Int’l

Rwy 29 is in Use

Request ILS/GPS/Visual/Radar Vector

@Black_Bird @nicopizarro @SierraHotel


How long will you stay open?

I’ll open 1hour from now @nicopizarro

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