Hello, I’m @Syncline, you can call me Ricky or whatever you like. My final goal in creating this thread is to prepare myself for the IFATC Practical Test while increasing the number of operations I have as a controller. In the end, my courage showed the results, now I’ve passed the written test, one step further to become a part of IFATC. I know there is a long way to go to become an IFATC Controller, because of that I need your help to provide input when I open a session. Without lingering on this is my ATC Tracking Thread, my information will always be updated when I open it

Status: CLOSED
Server: Training
Airport: KFAT
Frequencies: Ground & Tower
Time opening: 1200Z
Duration: 1 Hour
ATIS: Rwy in use TBA; Pattern Work, Inbound & Outbound.

If you guys have time and free, please join! In the end, feedback is appreciated in PM or in the thread.


Hello Ricardo,

I think your heading method is wrong, it should be Like this:

RicardoRickyThedore’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A


Hi @Fung_Sum-sum
Thanks for the correction

ATC is closed, Thanks to @Usman_A, @Thifal_Attaullah and the other who has stopping by at EDDB, sorry if there is a shortage if you wish please provide feedback for me.

Feedback: G-USMN


I was using TBM that cannot pushback and requested “Pushback” > Should have been given “Taxi to Rwy xx” instead “Pushback Approved” . Remember all GA planes and fighters cannot pushback. we also got to look at what stand aircraft is parked at to determine whether to give “taxi clearance or pushback clearance”

Spot on for for telling me “already instructed to change freq”

Clearance: Your timing for clearance were perfect & Nice clearance with / without directions

Runway Change: One time I was on crosswind and asked for “Runway Change to 26L” You gave me “Enter Right Base” which was incorrect when I was entering “Right Downwind”

Sequence: Your sequences were all perfect

Transition: I would have preffered 3000ft rather than 2500ft when the elevation is 100-200ft. I would only go for 2500ft if elevation is below 100ft

Inbound: perfect pattern entry and clearance

Runway Exit: I was still in the air when I was given “exit instruction”

Overall you did great

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I will remember this well!

I expected that. Acctually, I was not really sure about this, what should I say.

I will also remember this one properly.

Really? even though I see that you are already at the ground level of the airport, maybe next time I should pay more attention to it.

Thank you for the feedback @Usman_A! Hopefully, you can come back the next time if you have time. Good evening & have a good rest!

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NZAA is now Closed, Thanks to @Ramzi_Khairan @Thifal_Attaullah @Kazuki and for all who have stopped by. I am waiting for your feedback so that it can be my input to be better, once again Thanks guys!


Are you still opening?

KTYS is now Closed. Thank you @Thifal_Attaullah already stopped by

@Syncline mind if i be Approach?

Stopping by now!

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Yeah sure…

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Don’t on guard the people that are on approach’s frequency. Approach will hand those people off to your frequency

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Yeah i think i should leaveeee?

Whopps, sorry I didn’t realize that there was already an approach

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So should i leaveeee?

@Ritesh321 what approach did the 2 Lufthansa’s request?

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2nd one right?

did i do something wrong?