Symbols for Apostrophies

In the menu screen, any Apostrophies used in the news or events show up with a weird string of characters (&£}#,.:/ or something) in place of the mark. This is weird and also looks unprofessional.

I have zoomed in on a picture highlighting what is wrong:

This is Discourse’s problem. Apostrophes are shown up as weird characters in the JSON file. (Infinite Flight uses Discourse’s JSON files for the events.)

It’s actually Matt’s problem because he doesn’t handle them properly.

@matt - quick fix for ya, replace these occurrences with something nicer :)

Well… It’s partially Discourse’s problem…

It’s not, it’s a good way of returning the message body in JSON without causing issues with deserialisation later down the line (i.e. dodgy characters).

Um, well… Don’t listen to me. @carmalonso is right.