Syma X5C

I want to expose myself to drones and decided to start off with the X5C, any reviews or pro and cons?

this is not IF related but, eh… aviation related…? ;)


Totally depends on what you are looking for.

Camera drone? Racing drone? Beginner drone?

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You do mean Quad/Hexacopter not drones because drones are just owned by the military.

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I’m looking for a beginner drone. Preferably a quadcopter. Any other recommendations?

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Don’t get caught up in details. The word drone is commonly used in the UAV community.

@SirPilotOfAviation Do you want a camera on it? I would suggest investing in a DJI Mavic, or a DJI Phantom 3 standard. :)


DJI phantom 3 standard? Seems to be a good price-performance ratio

Otherwise vantage robotics snap? ($895-1295) I’m saving up for one ;)

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Careful with that one. Wouldn’t trust it 100%. Not only are autonomous drones prohibited in a vast majority in the world, but i’m pretty sure you aren’t getting what you are expecting.

Personally I own a DJI Inspire 2, a DJI Inspire 1, DJI Matrice 600 pro amongst others. I can vouch for DJI when it comes to overall experience. The controller → drone link is seamless, and it doesn’t get much harder if you invest in a bigger drone in the future.

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Why are autonomous drones prohibited? Snap is much safer in comparison to mavic. Yes mavic has got a 7km range.27 min flight time but snap has got modularity. You can buy a host of stuff for snap to specialize your needs. For example a range extender or cellular modem ( allows for unlimited range) and 360 degree obstacle avoidance, tracking beacon, lights , fly for an hour…

Let’s rephrase that question: why are autonomous drones dangerous?

First of all, compare it to autonomous planes. Yes, it can do the basic tasks pretty good, but it will never replace a PIC. 360 obstacle avoidance is FAR from perfect, there are some obstacles it simply cannot see, and those are often the most dangerous ones. Telephone masts, cables, moving objects etc.

You loose all control of it, you cannot expect and take evasive action is something unexpected were to happen.

Also, why would you have a cellular modem on it? You cannot loose VLOS (Visual Line Of Sight) of it, and doing so is REALLY dangerous.

Obstacle avoidance, range extenders, cellular modem, and a proposed maximum flying time of an hour just gives a false sense of security. You cannot and should not rely on any of those.

I have flown a variety of drones, including autonomous ones. I fly search and rescue missions with the Inspire 1 or the Matrice 600 pro with the Zenmuse XT FLIR camera. I would never trust anything that had the word “autonomous” in it, but I guess that’s just me then.

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I own a few Film, Arco and Racing drones. What are your questions?

The Syma’s are great if you want to learn and crash. They are light weight and can take a beating. The Syma X5 is pretty fun to fly too

I know, but these things are only options. I would never fly out of line of sight and do stupid stuff. These are the options you can get, and snaps protected blades makes it in my opinion a safe alternative as to mavic pro.
In case you hit something/someone it won’t hurt/ damage as much as flying a inspire 2 into someone

I fly out of LOS multiple times in FPV mode. In a area where safe. You will never get the Syma out of sight. It’s not heavy enough to do damage, not fast enough.

Stay on topic, the DJI’s are not the topic…

Well, that is something you could set up in a risk analysis. Chance vs. consequence.

Yes they are. He asked for other recommendations.

Maybe I should of read the topic more…or maybe the OP was wondering about beginner drones, not professional photography drones.

A Syma X5C is $35, the DJI’s are $599+.

For your first drone, get something you can afford to crash and burn, easy to repair. You can usually buy these cheap on ebay or amazon.

Then once you have a good level of confidence, treat yourself to a DJI series / Autel X Star or something similar.

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Honestly, thanks for all the support, but since I’m new to drones (not nessecarily with camera), I’m not inventing into DJIs… yet… maybe in the future. So far I have my choices down to Syma X5C and Hubsan X4 and The Holy Stone HS170 Predator.

I Am aswell there so cool

I had a Syma helicopter before and it didn’t last very long. Not good quality. If you want a quad copter I recommend the Propel brand.

Here’s a friendly tip: Don’t fly that thing anywhere where there is immediate air traffic. Some idiots just don’t understand that they are actually endangering lives by doing so.

What is the best, affordable, camera drone? ;)