Syjalo’s Radar Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ EBBR

Hey all! I just started my Radar Training and want to improve my Radar skills!

Feedback is much appreciated!





Runways in use

DEP: 25R
LDG: 25L, 25R

Allowed approaches





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This thread was approved by my Trainer @JAR


Are you still open?

Nevermind, just saw that you’ve set a time. I’ll be there though!

I think everything went fine. You vectored me in pretty well to enter the pattern and that 2nd visual approach also went really well. I’m not that familiar with radar procedures so I’m not sure if you did anything wrong.

I am curious though, can I request radar vectors after requesting ILS approach and recieving “continue as filed”?

“Continue as filed” gives you permission to follow your flight plan, including altitude changes set in your STAR. After that if needed I can vector you for your approach.

Closed, thanks everyone for coming!

Ah well that’s the thing, my flight plan only had an APPR that lead me straight into the opposite runway so I guess I should’ve recieved vectors from the start, instead of the “continue as filed”. Should I have requested radar vectors from the start then?

Probably yes


Open at NZAA for 2 hours

Closed. Thanks everyone for coming!

Opening on 2024-05-26T13:00:00Z at EBBR. More info