Sydney (YSSY) ATC

Shoutout to the ATC down at Sydney right now, some of the pilots who were operating in and out of there were kind of a handful (multiple requests without waiting, unnecessary requests, not following instructions, etc.) they have handled it great.

Just wanted give a shoutout for the good work they’ve been doing.

Also, new to this forum, not sure if this is the correct place for something like this. If not, I apologize.


Agreed! Nice smooth approach and landing for me thanks to ATC.

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Well done ATC!

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That’s what you could always expect from the Expert Server. Quality. All the time. A lot of us like to keep it that way.

By the way,

Welcome to the forum! 🎉


Typically I would post something like this, A Thank You Letter, if you will call it, under the ATC Schedule thread, but I suppose it also fine to sometimes, occasionally make an separate topic for it to show you appreciation :)

And as for ATC down in Australia today, they did an outstanding job as usual. Being able to handle so many planes especially in Sydney, that’s some crazy good work to be done. Props to all of them :)

Lastly, I Welcome you to the Forum, Hope you have pleasant stay and try to make yourself at home 😊


@Nate_Schneller I agree! Though, I have had a run-in with a controller or two over time who maybe just have had a rough day. 99% of the time is professional and well handled.

Though, I must say, some of these pilots seem to have no business flying on Expert, but they could be having a rough day too. We’ve all been there.

@MacGyver awesome! same here, flew the coast all the way down and had a smooth and easy approach in.


Yesterday it was so busy I had to focus on ground whilst another focused on tower. Everyone was great, followed instructions, no ghosts :)


By the way I flew into Sydney twice today. Once 16L and just recently 16R. That landing at 16L is so cool flying over the gates! Must be a cool spotting opportunity for those parked at the gates.

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@Oliver02 awesome! I wanted to hop around down there but was at an event doing a Trans Atlantic from Charlotte to Munich. Glad it all went smooth! That’s the best Live experience.
Smooth ATC. Smooth Pilots.

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OH YES! I fly the exact same way into 16L it was great.


Yes great job to Sydney ATC keeping my local airport (I live in Sydney) and the skies above operating smoothly and without incident!

But had a near miss…

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Oof wish I never had problems with ATC

ATC go out of their way to help others by using “please check tutorials” command. It should be a positive, not a negative.

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Well, I had to go around… from about 300 ft AGL… it was busy indeed!

Well we had something closer then that… enough said 🤫

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