Sydney to Los Angeles

Just finished an overnight flight from Sydney to LAX! Here’s some photos:

Duration: 13 hours
Aircraft: 777-300 ER (United Airlines)
Server: Expert

Parked at the gate prepping to cross the Pacific!

Taking off runway 16R out of Sydney

Woke up to this beautiful sunrise!

On final runway 6R at KLAX

Touchdown! Arrival in Los Angeles after 13 hours in the air

Taxiing to the gate

Parked at the gate

Thanks for viewing!


Lovely pictures. But you’re flight attendants will be fired I think, they kept the door open during take off.

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😂I think so!


Very nice pics!

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Thank you!

think i saw you while at sydney but idk

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I was there like 2 days ago and there were a couple other people there so maybe

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i was a qantas a380 going to lax aswell i think you might of seen me take off a bit too late lol

Runway 6L that’s luck

Oh, I remember that! Not the takeoff, just remember seeing a quad jet lol

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Yeah, I originally was planning on 25R but winds favored 6R

yeah that was me

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Lovely pics! Find it funny how the door is open in the second shot

Haha, thanks! Tried to use a shot that didn’t show it but I liked how this one turned out so hopefully we didn’t lose some passengers on takeoff 😬

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