Sydney to London

Can someone give me the details for the YSSY - EGLL route? Couldn’t find it on Flight Aware.

COATE Q436 RAAKK Q440 JAAJA Q440 HUFFR ABR J32 CZI J82 DBS BOI LKV LMT VESPA 3815N/13313W 3629N/13612W 3450N/13813W 2842N/14405W 2722N/14520W 2305N/14856W 2017N/15049W 2000N/15100W 1914N/15152W 1709N/15407W 1207N/15915W 1108N/16013W 0845N/16249W 0658N/16456W 0300N/16937W 0007N/17250W 0500S/17822W 0551S/17917W 0846S/17735E 1201S/17415E 1318S/17257E 1615S/17009E 1845S/16757E 2345S/16400E 2450S/16300E 2547S/16205E 2958S/15756E JORDY RIKNI N774 MARLN

Pretty sure this is it

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Flight aware will only give you flight plan data for flights that originate or end in the US.

That’s not it.

Look on 😉

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Mhmmm, weird. Let me see if i can find another one

Maybe this one

YSSY BOYSY H202 WLG R340 AMN A461 ZAM A583 MAVRA 1900N11500E DUMOL M771 CH ZUH GYA MUBEL B330 OMBON 3600N10000E 3900N09500E 4000N09500E HMI B215 FKG A368 OSNER GORBO A368 KRG A95 ATBAN G111 TITUR G351 MGR G234 KZN A300 OK R488 RP R480 CW R489 MF CRDR9 RW 6E5 BP 6E2 AR CRDR2 BG R805 TU G3 AMDOR G350 ABAGA M864 KOLJA M611 ALS P999 DHE R12 TULIP L620 CLN11 EGLL

How long does the flight take?

Around 19-20 hours 🙂

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