Sydney to Camden - too close to the prop?

GA TBM flight from Sydney to Camden toward the southwest via a brief flyover of the Harbour to the north. Casual, noon, YSSY north, then southwest to YSCN (3D nicely made by @Alex_E )

Depart Sydney YSSY

North toward the Harbour. Right wing tip at north Maroubra beach, nose at Royal Randwick Racecourse, with Centennial Park the bigger patch of green which includes Disney Studios (The Matrix, Superman Returns, Star Wars sequels etc. made there). The “canopener” of YSSY’s north-south runways at my tail running into Botany Bay.

Sydney Harbour. Directly below my left exhaust the Opera House can be made out, and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

I did more than a 180 with the Sydney Airport “canopener” in the distance driectly ahead, and the long windy Paramatta river that feeds into Sydney Harbour.

Camden is only minutes to the Southwest, but more rural than the city center.

Nice GA destination!

Topping the tanks.

Uh oh!

The facilities.

Nice flight apart from an anomaly with a friendly spotter.


How long did it take?

Uh oh!

WAY too close for comfort lol.

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It’s pretty quick. At 250kts, ETE shows 7mins.

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He approached me (as shown on the insurance claim:) Friendly local.


well thats what you call an obsessed individual

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He has a twin at the same airport, just as obsessed.

Step back, spotter!


One step from changing the ‘o’ to an ‘a.’


Nice to see YSCN getting some traffic, unfortunately everyone goes straight for the big airports 🥲

Nice shots, and cheers for checking Camden out :)

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And a very expensive hospital bill.

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It’s true, and I only found YSCN by accident. I wonder what other such small airport gems are out there I don’t know about.

Polygons scattered everywhere.

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The really funny thing is I’ve done what that photoshoped photo captures to and with @Alex_E, also Alex you’re being recognised

Actually the photo isn’t altered in any way. He’s standing in the parking lot, and it’s right next to the taxiway.

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