Sydney to Adelaide flight in the middle of the night

Was just having a casual look at FR24 and I found this. How is this possible, both these airports have curfews (both airports 6am earliest flight). Does anyone know what this is and why there flying in the middle of the night?


That is very strange because - as you stated - those airports have the 6:00am earliest flight…

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I believe the times on FR24 are in UTC/ZULU which would explain it.

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Seems not

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That is very odd?

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Probably a charter that obtained permission from airport authorities to fly at those times. They have all the airspace to play with, so I can’t imagine noise being too much of an issue.

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This could be Qantas Freight operating under Qantas. They usually fly late at night/early in the morning.


What kind of plane is it?

The 737F or 767F.

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Qantas still operate the 767F?


Very likely just freight flights. The ‘Toll’ freight flights (and others) in the 737 and Bae 146 (I think they are from memory) land after curfew every night.

The curfew at Sydney doesn’t restrict freight flights in certain aircraft under certain weights. Certain landing configurations allow arrivals and departures too.

There is a few international arrivals that can land prior to 6am on weekdays too, as long as the weather allows arrivals onto 34L (only flying over the single suburb of Kurnell then final prriach over the waters of Botany Bay).


Early flights seel well

Yes, they still operate one.

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