Sydney Stalling! (GA Event) @ YSSY - 210800ZJUL17

And also, witch server. Casual or training?

That’s getting into an advanced stall! You’re welcome to give it a go 👍🏼

We’re going on the Casual Server

Err, thinking again… I might not have internet then… maybe… I’ll keep my hopes up

I’m joining part of the event, so can I park at terminal three?

You also said terminal three doesn’t have any more gates.

Just show up at terminal three no matter how much u r participating

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Has the event started.?

Just spawn at any Terminal 3 gate

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No, starts in about 5 hours 40mins

I though it would have started this morning

No, the title states that it starts at 0800z

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Gotcha, btw what if someone spawns in my gate. There should be specific gates they spawn in so it would avoid trouble and delays.

Has the event started? Could we start earlier?

It’s time, will we see you there? Tag us in your shots and more importantly enjoy your flight!

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Spawned in, hopefully won’t die smashing in the ground at the middle of the event (: 👍

Sorry but the event is finished. It started at 0800z

I was ds2017 but their is basically no one there!

We started at 0800z, so we finished around 20 minutes ago. Thanks for the interest

Awww, but I still follow the event details, so does that count I still took part of it?

I didn’t still participate ! Does that count ?