Sydney Spotting 29/11/2020

Sunday November 29th,
It was a hot day with temperatures soaring up to 42⁰ Celcius and hard hitting wind picking up sand and throwing it at your juicy flesh made for terrible spotting conditions. Like the idiots we are @Alex_E, @Chris_Hoss and I soldiered on. It got so hot I went for a swim and Alex’s “cheese” which he’d left on the dashboard had become drinkable.

Now for the planes
A regular visitor and work horse for Tasman Cargo flying between Australia and New Zealand wearing the DHL and Polar livery

A Q-jet 717 wearing the Qantas new livery and a welcoming sight as they haven’t been flying that much this year

An American 777-300er reduced to freight operations racing off 34L

Also remember every to wear a mask


Omg I’m first woo. Damn this was a fun day. Awesome shots Fynn!!

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Was honestly expecting more heat haze lol my last day in Melbourne was that hot and I couldn’t shoot anything more than 100 feet from me.


Thanks Alex you got a photo of snp security so I think your shots are better

Weaaaakkkkk, I’ve spotted in 48 celcius temperature before 🗿

I’ve called him bob. I’m so grateful he parked his Prius in front of us :)

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The wind help blow the air away from the asphalt so surprisingly wasn’t that bad for photos although the sky was quite bright rather than bluen


You are now the king I bow down to you in aww

Great shots!!

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Thank you for the confidence boost

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