Sydney region METAR conversion error

Real world METAR data in Australia will generally include the acronym ‘CAVOK’ which stands for ‘Ceiling and Visibility OK’ when the visibility is well above 10SM and no low cloud ceiling. The METAR therefore won’t display a distance such as 10SM or 21SM etc in regards to visibility, there will be no numerical number, but simply the acronym ‘CAVOK’ straight after the winds.

IF doesn’t seem to be able to interpret this correctly and transfer the correct real world weather into IF weather. This has been a constant issue for me. IF always seems to convert the ‘CAVOK’ into a visibility of 6SM, it always does this?

I live in Sydney in an apartment overlooking the city / airport. The visibility here today is unlimited, I can see the horizon past the other side of the entire city. The current real world METAR data is reading CAVOK, yet IF has translated it to 6SM. I can never fly realistic visual weather in IF in the Sydney region, because the visibility in IF is always completely wrong.

The way the real world METAR data is translated into IF needs to be fixed. It appears IF doesn’t read the CAVOK term correctly and create weather with unlimited visibility.

The photos below show the different data between what is the real world METAR and then when clicking on the airfield, the interpretation of only 6SM.

NOTE: this has been occurring with the old METAR feed and now in the new update.

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Visibility is not as well as you described for me,there’s some big clouds ,I live in the north shore.

Horizontal visibility at ground level was unlimited. The real world METAR read CAVOK. IF shouldn’t be creating 6SM visibility

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Is there a dev that can comment? Once again perfect real world day for flying, but in IF, we’re stuck shooting ILS approaches. Isn’t part of the ‘live’ subscription paying for ‘real world weather’…!

Look at the whether difference first two are real life the others are IF

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No longer relevant.