Sydney planespotting meet-up

Could we meet up at a later date, chat about IF and hangout. Post what date and time you can go and where you prefer to spot: the beach, shep’s mound, tempe (I’ll post photo) or other places

Here are my possible dates and times:
Either Saturday or Sunday from 10:00 - 1230


I suggest doing this as a PM instead of a topic

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Because it just clogs up the forum and there’s really no reason for it to be a topic. The #real-world-aviation:spotting category is meant for pictures. A meetup can just be organized over PM.

But it says i cant delete the topic

I would just suggest PMing your fellow Sydneysiders instead of using this topic

Ok i did make a pm

Saturday sounds good

Millstream, Nigel love bridge, Shep’s mound and the beach are usually where I go it just depends on where they landing or taking off

As well as what aircraft I wanna get

what do you mean millstream, nigel love bridge?

Bridge at the end on rwy 16r and lookout near 16L

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