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Massive Sydney Fly out

Welcome to Sydney Airport the largest and busiest airport in Australia. Currently, 46 domestic and 43 international destinations are served to Sydney directly. In 2018, the airport was rated in the top five worldwide for airports handling 40–50 million passengers annually and was overall voted the 20th best airport in the world at the Skytrax World Airport Awards.

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Airport: Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport YSSY

Time: 2024-03-02T21:00:00Z2024-03-02T22:00:00Z


Ground Tower ATIS Approach Departure Sydney Centre

Gate Assignments Wave 1
International Terminal

Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
International Gate 8 Emirates Dubai A380-800
International Gate 9 Qantas Los Angeles A380-800 @Cpt-Lucc4
International Gate 10 Qantas London Via Singapore A380-800 @askrdl
International Gate 10 Asiana Seoul A380-800 @Olivia12
International Gate 24 Etihad Abu Dhabi A380-800
International Gate 31 Cathay Pacific HongKong Kai Tak B747-400
International Gate 33 AirCalin Noumea A330-900 @Brisbane_Aviator
International Gate 35 Cube Pacific Manila A330-300
International Gate 37 Fiji Nadi A350-900
International Gate 36 Singapore Singapore A380-800 @DJW
International Gate 34 Air Vanuatu Port Villa A220
International Gate 32 Air New Zealand Auckland B777-300
International Gate 30 Air India Dehi B787-8 @eldrago
International Gate 51 Delta Los Angeles A350-900
International Gate 53 China Airlines Taipei A350-900
International Gate 55 Qantas Santiago B787-9
International Gate 57 Qatar Doha A380-800
International Gate 58 United Airlines San Francisco B777-300er
International Gate59 United Los Angeles B787-9
International Gate 60 Qantas Dallas B787-9
International Gate 61 Qantas Hongkong A380-800
International Gate 63 Japan Airlines Tokyo Haneda B787-9
International Gate 56 British Airways London Via Singapore B777-300
International Gate 56 Qantas Tokyo Haneda A330-300

International Gate 37|Fiji|Nadi|A350-900||
|International Gate 36|Singapore|Singapore |A380-800| @DJW
|International Gate 34|Air Vanuatu|Port Villa|A220||
|International Gate 32|Air New Zealand |Auckland|B777-300||
|International Gate 30|Air India |Dehi|B787-8| @eldrago |
|International Gate 51|Delta|Los Angeles|A350-900||
|International Gate 53 |China Airlines |Taipei|A350-900||
|International Gate 55|Qantas|Santiago|B787-9
|International Gate 57|Qatar| Doha |A380-800||
|International Gate 58|United Airlines|San Francisco |B777-300er||
|International Gate59|United|Los Angeles|B787-9|
|International Gate 60|Qantas|Dallas|B787-9| @American367
|International Gate 61|Qantas|Hongkong|A380-800||
|International Gate 63|Japan Airlines|Tokyo Haneda |B787-9||
|International Gate 56|British Airways| London Via Singapore|B777-300||
|International Gate 56|Qantas|Tokyo Haneda|A330-300||

Qantas Domestic Terminal

Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
Gate 1 Qantas Melbourne B737-800
Gate 2 Qantas Brisbane B737-800
Gate 3 Qantas Cairns B737-800
Gate 4 Qantas Melbourne B737-800
Gate 5 Qantas Darwin B737-800
Gate 6 Qantas Hobart B737-800
Gate 7 Qantas Alice Springs B737-800
Gate 8 Qantas Goldcoast B737-800
Gate 9 Qantas Hobart B737-800
Gate 10 Qantas Adelaide B737-800
Gate 11 Qantas Hamilton Island B737-800
Gate 12 Qantas Hobart B737-800
Gate 13 Qantas Perth B737-800

Virgin Domestic Terminal

Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
Gate 35 Virgin Melbourne B737-800
Gate 39 Virgin Brisbane B737-800
Gate 41 Virgin Cairns B737-800
Gate 43 Virgin Perth B737-800
Gate 45 Virgin Darwin B737-800
Gate 44 Virgin Hobart B737-800
Gate 42 Virgin Alice Springs B737-800
Gate 40 Virgin Adelaide B737-800
Gate 38 Virgin Hobart B737-800
Gate 36 Rex Adelaide B737-800
Gate 34 Rex Melbourne B737-800
Gate 32 Rex Hobart B737-800

JetstarDomestic Terminal

Gate Airline Destination Aircraft Pilot
Gate 49 Jetstar Melbourne A320
Gate 53 Jetstar Brisbane A320
Gate 55 Jetstar Cairns A320
Gate 57 Jetstar Perth A320
Gate 59 Jetstar Darwin A320
Gate 58 Jetstar Hobart A320
Gate 54 Jetstar Melbourne A320
Gate 52 Jetstar Adelaide A320

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International Terminal Gate 30 | Air India | Delhi | B788

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