Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport | 15/7/19


Spotting in Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport | 15/7/19

G’day everyone,

Today I went out to my local airport, Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport to try and have a go at spotting and get some nice shots of the aircraft landing

Today, I was at a local spot one of my mates recommended to me which turned out to be absolutely brilliant!

  • This spot is Swamp Rd next to all the shipping containers if anyone local would like to check that out

Overall, it turned out to be a load of fun and it was a great day seeing these huge aircraft fly so close over our heads and definitely will be something to remember!

Here’s the shots;

  • Here we have a good ol Qantas B737 coming in for landing on 16R, while we have another aircraft (A330, A350?) taking-off and on it’s departure outta Sydney into the skies!

-Good timing for a photo ;)

  • Below we have a Qatar 777-3DZ (ER) coming in for landing as well on the famous 16R runway at Sydney Airport from Canberra!

  • Here we have some snazzy shots of the 777’s undercarriage and fuselage and a photo whilst it was on short final!

  • And here we have a QantasLink Dash 8 Q300 that’s come today from the south coast of Australia, Canberra!

  • Below we also have the Q300 having a bit of a rocky landing;

  • Here we have a Qantas A330 being tugged across 16R!

  • The Virgin Australia B738 coming in for landing with it’s stunning livery!

  • And of course, here is the famous Rex Saab 340 servicing remote communities across Australia!

  • Finally, we have a classic Qantas A330 on final approach, gear down and locked!

If you’d like to see the billion other photos I got from today, feel free to check them out;

Otherwise, thanks for checking the shots out, hope you enjoyed and saw a little bit of Sydney, Aus!



Awesome shots mate, I think it’s an A350 in the first shot.


i think 350/330 malaysian

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It’s Malaysia Airlines Flight 122 to Kuala Lumpur in the Airbus A330 :)

Awesome photography @Luke_M!!


Thats so cool! Wish I lived near Sydney to spot those beauties


i’ve been to sydney before, and i went to the airport to spot some aircraft. i dont remember the name of the place but its near the beach

Yeah, there’s loads of awesome spots around Sydney to use, Sydney airport even created their own little area called the Shep’s Mound which is underneath their awesome ATC Tower.

Be sure to check out the link below, your place might be there :)

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Nice! Looks like you found yourself a great spot!

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did you go across that bridge and up that hill near the crates at the start 16L?

Nah, don’t think so.

I was directly on the 9 in the picture below;


Nigel love bridge is also a good spot

Little known gem


so this is the view, may be u know that place
source: instagram 16right_media

in all honesty i don’t think anyone knows the name of that beach and everyone just refers to it as “the beach”

Now that’s crazy awesome 😎👍🏽😉

its stonewall when i read spotter guide SYD

Awesome shots, Luke! I’m looking forward to see more spotting pictures from you 😉


Love these shots! They’re Awesome! 😃👍🏻


LOve Them!

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