Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport | 08/09/19


Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport | 08/09/19

G’day again!

Today, Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport and the greater region of Sydney were having some tricky winds to manage with!
For most of the day, Sydney ATC came up with the decision to go down to one runway operations with only 25 being operational due to the westerly winds at around 20kts minimum and 30 kts maximum throughout the day.

Though this was negative for people travelling in & out of SYD today due to a few delays, it provided an optimal opportunity to spotters to see some tense situations, tons of aircraft and Sydney Kingsford in full fledge action!

  • This spot was located at Ross Smith Ave for anyone local wanting to take advantage of this location.

Overall, it was a very windyyy day and a bit cold, but it was all worth it to capture a few shots!
Hope you all enjoy!

  • Starting off today, we have a showcase of tight separation with a Jetstar A320 on the immediate takeoff whilst a Virgin Australia B738 is about to touchdown on runway 25.
    Be sure to have a look at the very last photo to see a similar situation!

  • Here we have an aircraft lining up on runway 25 whilst another aircraft has their spoilers deployed and is vacating the runway.
    Can you take a guess what aircraft is lining up? ;)

  • If you guessed that it’s the humongous Qantas A380 with the brand new silver-roo livery, you’re absolutely correct!

  • As seen below, we have the classic Virgin Australia B737-800 on final approach to runway 25!

  • Here we have the Tiger Air B737-800 moments away from touching down with a few classic aircraft lying around in the background!

  • And here we are with the Qantas B738 preparing for an immediate departure out of Sydney to Melbourne!

  • A Jetstar Airbus 320 on final all the way from Queenstown, NZ battling the winds!

  • Another aircraft on short final, just a bit bigger ;)

  • Finally, we have a Thai Airways B744 climbing out of SYD whilst the aussie Qantas B738 is touching down after a day of gusty winds!

Thanks for checking out a small amount of the 300+ shots I took today!
If you’d like to check out the rest of the shots, feel free to do so here

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See you around and be tuned for more action soon!

Just noticed the specs of dust in the shot, sorry about that!


Those are some beautiful shots! Keep em coming 😂

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That B & W Singapore is just 😍… It looks like it was worth battling the winds!

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That separation one is cool! Just a note, but I think you already see it, try to get rid of that lens dust in Photosop or a similar program if you can, makes it so much better!

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Awesome photos! They sure do run tight operations at Sydney. That first picture is breathtaking.

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I remember Sydney, wonderful variety of aircraft both big and small! Loved the first pic, what camera?

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It’s a Nikon D5000 (:

These are some really nice shots. As some others said I would try to remove the dust spots in Lightroom or Photoshop or something like that, as well as get your camera cleaned.

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I love the Qantas A380 and the Singapore Airlines photos. The rest also look amazing!

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Great shots looking forward to the next lot 👌 that Singapore black and white 👏👌

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