Sydney is the best airport in the world, change my mind


I have found some more photos, Hope you find something you like.


Qatar A380 landing in some beautiful pinkish gold light. Runway 25

A Qantas A380 departing runway 34L, headed for Singapore and then London as “Qantas 1 Super”

The 2020 OGs will remember this 🗿

A singapore A350, it has a sticker wow i’m in total shock

A 747-8F making intimate contact with runway 25.

NEO, “Not Enough O…” I’ll let you choose your own ending to that

2 in 1. One departs 34R, another lands 34L

REX, thankfully we now have this in the sim. Big up @Declan for the feature request.

Don’t do instagram anymore, so pls check out my Jetphotos below. I have most of my good photos on there.

I have 69k views on JetPhotos

Until next time 👋🏼



It’s not


Very neat pictures, but SYD isn’t the best!

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In a recent survey of myself, i found this statement to be false


It is <silly 10>

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Oh dear that didn’t work

LOL. Not really though.

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It really is, we’re just the best

I need to get in a proper session in nice conditions at SYD (I was there during fire season) but as it stands right now I have a couple airports that I liked better. Just kind of wished it had better backgrounds (that 16R approach spot is cool though).

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Ahh yes the fire season was not a vibe, I’m yet to spot anywhere other than Sydney. Took one photo in Canberra and then left.

Sarcasm rlly doesn’t work well in text form 😵‍💫

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Lovely photos Alex and you’re welcome for the REX feature request, haha.

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Very nice pictures, absolutely stunning! But I have to disagree with you on SYD, I think HKG is better and I do not think it is even close!


I’m deeply hurt 😭


I like SYD do not get me wrong, but the variation of aircraft and airlines at HKG is just on another level! Only thing I would say is going for SYD is that it has better spotting locations, but if I had a better camera (not my phone) this would probs not be a factor anymore.


Yes yes i understand, I was really joking when I said it’s the best lol because that’s just not true. We do have a decent range of aircraft but nothing like the mega hubs like LHR, HKG, DXB etc.

Although, i reckon we have some of the best spotting locations out there. Not the best, but some of the best 😉


Light work MMMX is better

No comment

Well, um, actually 🤓


And the terminals at MSP are top tier 💪

Fake news. They misspelled Sydney as “Singapore”

It was a joke 😇