Sydney Finale | YSSY Spotting Part 4

Hello IFC! This is the last part of my spotting at SYD. Just a mashup of leftover photos that didn’t make the first three topics and some pretty conflicting editing styles.

Shot on D7500 + Tamron 100-400

Skyline shot. Sadly only A380s and 747s can be captured at this angle, everything else climbs out too fast.

Lucky with the timing here, if only it was a more interesting aircraft.

UPS’ big boy with some nice engine light.

One of these may not exist in a few weeks.

Same plane as the previous, VH-ZNI “Kookaburra” out for SFO.

Another one for my SVA Pilots.

This is the one angle I was looking for when I came to SYD, but I severely underestimated the power of heat in not only ruining your shots but resulting in longer takeoff runs. One of only two aircraft I got successfully at this angle.

My longest (legitimate) shot to date, shot from just over a mile away.

You might want to go get that checked out…

Imagine flying a plane with a range of 8700nm on a 130nm flight.

  • Emirates w/ skyline
  • QF A330s
  • UPS
  • Qantas + Virgin
  • Qantas 789
  • Singapore
  • FedEx
  • Emirates arrival
  • Cathay
  • Qatar

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Absolutely amazing!! The UPS shot is lovely!

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Fantastic pictures! Really well made post, thanks for sharing!

Woah, the QF and VA are one shot…

That’s epic…

Thank you!

Yeah I couldn’t believe it either


These pictures are beautiful! I love your logo at the top! Where did you get it?

Thanks! @robert_xing made it for me.

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These are great shots as always, well done!

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ay thank you

These shots are decent I guess ;)


Ooo the beauty! Keep up the great work!

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Cool shots bro
Follow for follow?


great pictures, keep at it :).

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That Qatar is so h0t. Also whoa, I see what you mean with the Cathay… his nose is still a bit… open.

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So is his main gear.


Whoa you said something on a spotting topic this is new 😱


And his engines…wait

Yo ofc bro drop that IG 😱


Wow amazing pics!

I bet @AlphaSeven would love that Qatar A350 🤗

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Fantastic shots! Hopefully this all ends soon and we can all make our way back to spotting regularly.

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Yeah me too, I’m not legally allowed to spot at my regular spotting airport right now due to international border complications.

Thanks !


Gorgeous shots!

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