Sydney chaos

You guys complaining and stuff about Unicom . I made a parallel landing on Unicom .

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You can’t force players to fly realistically tho, if they want to fly a Turkish 737 to Orlando then so be it, I try to be as realistic as possible but I don’t see a problem when someone flies a Turkish 737 into MCO, that’s their choice


Remember it is still a game and most of us do not fly in real life or are simply very young.
We should pay more respect to the people, that do not have aviation background, a pilot license, or simply the ability or the time to dive deep into flight simming.
We all started somewhere, right?
And complaining about “hard landings” or “tailstrikes”:

  1. They happen in real life
  2. I can not understand how that affects other people

Also keep in mind that people who are looking for ultimate realism may condsider a not tablet/mobile-based simulator. When it comes to realism this program is lacking a lot.
Anyway it is a cool experience to have the ability to fly live on server together with other people from anywhere…
Furthermore i see it as a challenge if people around me do not behave like avgeek-rolemodels, you have to react somehow on that :)…
I see lots of people reducing speed to 200KTS 60 miles out, or landing a 737-800 with 190 KTS nose first…
And sometimes i also may be a challenge to others, for example yesterday i aborted my takeoff because i recognized my flaps were still up.
Fortunately it does not happen on a daily or even weekly bases xD, but it happens to people, to some more than to others.

And if at Sydney there lands a Spirit A320, then be it so.
And if the callsigns do not represent real routes, i think that most of us do not really care.


Totally agree. The weekly schedule is a great idea but an “invitation” to all planes on the server to gather to 1-3 airports is just not realistic to begin with in my opinion. Hence the mess.
I checked this morning and there were 145 planes en route to YSSY.
I’m unaware of the real life numbers that would reflect that airport’s actually capacity but at an IF scale, it induces the issues you described.
A bit of traffic is always pleasant, but is a LOT of traffic necessarily better? (let alone when we’re talking about under-capacitated airports like TNCM not too long ago).
I’m sure this is something Tyler is looking at and hopefully we may have some more balanced incoming flow as the overall IF traffic grows.
That said I have to pay my respect to controllers who are increasingly more skilled and sometimes need to handle what I imagine are pretty intense situations :)


But if Heathrow, lax etc aren’t on the ifatc schedule only once every few months because of this, why is Sydney on it every 2 weeks?

YSSY hasn’t been featured since July 10th, well over a month ago.


Out of all the things you are describing, the only ghostable offense is a near collision. Just deal with it lol


As much as I love realism, we have to remember that this is a simulator, not real life. As such, some things will naturally be different than in real life, wether it’s ATC procedures or what liveries people decide to fly with. The best thing to do is to just ignore it and to do what you can do to be the best pilot possible and show the example to others.


Here’s the thing:
Expert server is made for experienced pilots who want a good ATC service and a level of respect towards each-other. These, along with stricter stat requirements, are the only things that differ expert from training.

And now let me answer your complaints:

  • Unrealistic aircraft
    If we would to ever have consequences for unrealistic aircraft, the question arises of where do we draw the line? Would it be today’s timetable or some pre-COVID one? Would we need to use aircraft on this flight or only the correct livery? And don’t forget, IFATC and other people should have the same data source from somewhere to not have false reports.
  • Pushback with dual engines
    The thing is that, again, you set your own realism standard. Some people want to fly and not get bogged down in the, correct but sometimes boring procedures.
  • Multiple tail strikes
    As people usually say on the IFATC slack - it’s the pilot who flies the plane. If the tailstrike wasn’t that bad, the aircraft would land and no-one would get hurt. And if the tailstrike will be severe - then it will crash in game and disappear. Remember - everyone can make an error or accidentally move their device.
  • 2 near collisions
    It’s not clear whether they were on ground or mid-air, but the point is, if no ATC was present, there is nothing you can do about it, and if IFATC was present, well, we are people and sometimes miss or don’t report people in time.
  • Crash on the ground
    They might have just left the game and, again, it’s the pilot who flies drives the aircraft. If the pilot didn’t interfere with other planes and didn’t do anything disrespectful (like taxiing through grass) there is no reason for him to be removed from Expert.

Everyone sets their own standarts in terms of realism. Training gives you realistic ATC commands, Expert gives you pilot etiquette. There’s nothing ridiculous about a wrong livery or unrealistic procedures. Some people just want to fly, and if they have respect towards other players, they will always be a welcome guest on expert.


You have given the most depth to this topic. Realism is Relative to every paying account owner(doesn’t matter what you fly where, so long as the airport can accommodate your plane, no matter the Livery). IF rules are for ALL pilots. Breaking rules has consequences for ALL whether system or ATC enforced( even mods and staff get violations). I think it serves well to read the Terms and Conditions of the simulator…

You pay your money you can fly what you want


It seems weird to respond to my own post but, i want them both to be correlated.

I landed at YSSY today with 5 other planes after a group overnight flight out of KLAX.
Seing the heavily jammed airways and airport ground activity, I wondered how much I would regret picking this route (not being negative, just bad few last experiences).

Well, sometimes it feels even better to be wrong than to be right.
Despite a countless amount of planes incoming, non stop departures, a maze for taxiway diagram, a high number of unexperienced pilots (final approach at 200+KIAS, go arounds, etc…); my approach, landing and taxi were not only flawless but somehow actually relaxing.

I made sure to read the last topic made by @lucaviness on ATC guidances for pilots and paid rigorous attention to staying on track of the procedures, speed and plane configuration.

I basically got sent 2, maybe 3 messages only by the APP controller before being handed over, tower operated in the smoothest manner and ground organized the heavy traffic as if a red carpet was being unfurled before my wheels to expedite me straight to my gate.

I waited for an incident that never came.
As I said, controllers are getting more and more experienced. But they are also more tolerant and contribute into sorting out stuffy situations.

So congrats to those controllers and the IFATC team because it felt like I was more busy handling my own plane than them supervising the approach of 50 others.


Thank you for the kind words. I was your approach controller. :)


It was YOU!!
I can have harsh feelings sometimes in regards to the ATC but I felt sorry for the WW2 type plane attack over YSSY.
So I tried my best to honor my Grade 5 and my 4,000FH and concentrated into flying the STAR and IAP exactly (track and altitude), while applying standard approach speeds and keeping my spacing with the Q400 ahead and also keeping an eye on the following plane.
In return I felt like treated with respect like a “good” Pilot which was awesome.
You seemed to mainly have focused on other planes - giving them speed and altitudes instructions - and let me do my thing. Best definition of mutual respect and trust.

As for the ground controller, not sure who that was but if he participates in a Tetris contest, my money’s on him!

Safe flights & controlling!


So, this is pointing out the unrealistic environment if I’m not mistaken, so why demote it? ES is there to be as realistic as possible, so why not try and be realistic?

While the occasional tail strike happens it could be for a number of reasons.

In my opinion ATC should be aware of procedures used at airports and the aircraft that operate there, to make sure heavier aircraft can safely depart and to be more realistic.

The pilot should at least take it into the consideration they’re taking an aircraft into an unrealistic environment, as being in the appropriate aircraft is more realistic.

Additionally pilots shouldn’t push with both engines running, doesn’t matter if they’re gonna sit for a minute starting up the engines, it makes little to no difference in the end, and starting after pushing is more realistic.

If you don’t want to be realistic, please leave it to the training and casual servers.

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As much as it is realistic, does it really matter if someone takes a Southwest 738 to SYD, they may be a new player not sure of where the airline flies to/from or they may just like the livery, at the end of the day it’s the pilots choice whether where they fly and what they fly (within reason of course), we all pay the same amount per month/year to play online.

Most new players haven’t even heard of taxiing with 1/2 engines, there may also be several other factors to why they are taxiing with both such as being near MTOW or having a short taxi time. Anyway, shouldn’t you be focusing more on taxiing/flying yourself which is realistic rather than focusing on pilots who are taxiing with all engines 🤷‍♂️

surely you’ve got better things to do than complain on the IFC about someone taxiing with 2 engines or using the “wrong” livery


Vince I do agree with you!

We’re all paying money for the same game. As long as the overall IF environment isn’t being interrupted theres no reason for you to complain…

As mentioned further above, everyone has their realism “standard” set different. Theres no need to bash anyone unless they are truly hurting the environment. Even if that is the case, it looks to be a better option to contact them directly instead of posting it on a public forum, who knows, they could improve.

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Sounds like I missed out on all the fun! 🤪

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I never said I had a problem with taxiing with two engines, it’s perfectly fine.

If new pilots want to take a SW 737 to SYD, they can do it on TS and CS.

Also, new pilots should be on CS and TS, right?

Besides, my point was ES is there to try and be realistic as possible, that’s what flight sims are around for anyways.

And I’m not complaining either, I’ve seen no-names pull the whole “quit complaining” thing and it doesn’t work, I’m asking why you all are demoting this if the ES is about realism!

Additionally I don’t have better things to do, I’m contributing as much as I like to as much on the forum as I can find.


Whats wrong with them doing it on the ES? As long as they’re following ATC instructions and flying in a reasonable manner they’re not doing any harm to anyone. If it bothers you so much you can always go to settings → live → airplane count and set it to none, you wont see them then.

I agree, the Expert Server is to be as realistic, but you cant expect every single pilot to know which region each airline flies to/from with over 750 different liveries and thousands of real-world procedures.