Sydney chaos

I understand that the devs tried to make expert server more realistic like it once was again, but it’s becoming a circus.

At Sydney today after about only 15 minutes of spotting I’m seeing people in very unrealistic aircraft, multiple tail strikes, 2 near collisions, someone pushing back with both engines running, and someone even managed to crash while on the ground. Expert server

As I said I know the devs tried to make it better, but is there anything else they can do because this is starting to get pretty ridiculous


Were they ghosted?

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Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it :( There are simple players who are not made for the ES but unfortunately still fly there.

Such problems are most common with the ATC hub. You might look at smaller airports :)


Yup yesterday i saw a bunch of hard landings a BA aircraft headed to Tampa a Turkish B737 landing. AT MCO

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grr. That’s annoying but the sheer inability to fly from some players is worse.


No not as I know of

Not being able to control your aircraft and causing collision are valid ghosts…


Yep. I also saw a us coastgard c130 at Sydney…

That’s not a valid reason for ghosts, although it is very annoying.

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Yes its annoying.
My home airport is Sydney airport and it was crazy! I wish atc controllers looked at how the taxiways works at sydney.
07/25 is only in use when there is strong winds.
I was going to fly to Dubai and I had to quit because I couldn’t take off from 16R/34L when my callsign said heavy.

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I just with people were more realistic

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Me too.

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Hi there!

I completely understand how frustrating this can be.

Unfortunately, a lot of the issues you described in your original post (with the exception of like 1 or 2) are rather hard to enforce as there aren’t necessarily any such rules against them. While changes were made to the grading system to allow for slightly stricter access to the Expert server, a pilot’s grade may not necessarily reflect their capability or competency; once a pilot reaches grade three, regardless of their skill or knowledge, they are able to fly on the server and may wish to do so.

While some users may find this incredibly frustrating, there aren’t any rules against it. As such, there isn’t anything that can be done about this issue at this moment in time. This is one of the biggest ones that annoy me usually while playing on Expert, but we just gotta live with it I’m afraid.

Again, there isn’t technically any such rule against this. Infinite Flight includes an ‘Auto-Start’ function that pilots may wish to utilise should they so wish to do so. I’m pretty sure this auto-start function also starts both engines. So, when a pilot uses it on stand to get the screens and lights up and running, the engines will also be started.

As I said before, their grade doesn’t necessarily reflect their ability. Or it could just be a one-off bad flight for them, you never know 🤷‍♂️.

This is, unfortunately, just part of the normal chaos that ensues on the expert server whenever ATC is inactive. Was ATC active at this time orr?

As I said though, I completely understand your frustration at these issues. They, personally, annoy me too sometimes.


Yep. I just with people were more realistic because you would never see things like that in real life

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IFATC are instructed to use all runways at an airport to their advantage, in order to reduce wait times.

While this may be the process that is used in real life, the traffic at airports on IF tends to be a lot greater than that in real life, so procedures do have to run a little differently to accommodate this.


Some airports (not naming names but KLAX, KSFO, EGLL, YSSY etc 🤫) will naturally attract less experienced pilots. What the devs face is a constant battle to allow people to progress and learn without creating a second training server.

There are some things that you just have to ignore, but if something clearly deliberate and truly severe happens (discriminatory callsigns are one example) you can message @moderators and they will look into it.

I’m no developer, but rest assured the team are well aware of this and want it fixed as much as everyone else.


Honestly? I agree. I, personally, hate seeing unrealistic aircraft or airlines on a route within the sim. Unfortunately though, there’s not really a whole lot that can be done about that whole specific issue, users are free to fly what they like, where they like. Just something we gotta live with and try not to get too worked up about 🤷‍♂️ :).

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And now someone just landed on a spirit a321, at sydney

Just remember it can be hard to uphold the realism at airports for multiple reasons. As brought up the traffic loads can be unrealistic traffic in IF so the controllers have to work around that and come up with other solution to resolve the issue and get everyone on the ground as safe as possible. Another reason is not everyone has the time to sit down and study the airport and how it works when we can just start controlling at an airport and use our training to control. The role of the ground controller is to give traffic awareness on the ground and clear aircraft to the runway so all other procedures are not really needed


I’m controlling. Pm me if needed:)

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