Sydney ATC completely fails

Tons of flights have been delayed due to the Air Traffic Control system completely failing. No flight could safely land or takeoff causing diversions. This is also the first day of the school holidays in New South Wales which adds to the frustration


Some very interesting stuff has been happening lately.

How can you have issues if you’re one of the buissiest airport/airspace on the planet? You cant afford having not even one minute without air traffic control, reminds me of what happened a few months ago with KMIA TRACOM and Center, total power outage and all of ZMA went ATC ZERO.

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Ahhh explains why i haven’t been seeing as much planes flying pass my house today

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Sheesh, not good, I’m flying out of YSSY in just a couple days, hope it won’t fail then 😬

Hope the pilots could communicate with each other alright.

Yeah, heard about it this morning, not good. Terrible Air Services was not able to get the computers off night mode to cope with the peak hour traffic. Would have been hectic in the tower!

Can you find an even worse time to have a failure like that

I listened to the LiveATC of this, it was kinda funny.

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