Sydney Approach! @ YSSY - 060700ZJAN17

Server: Training

Region: Sydney Australia

Airport: YSSY

Time: 0700Z 6th January 2017

Aircraft Any Qantas Mainline Fleet (B767, B787, B747, A380)

NOTAM: Qantas Virtual Presents…

All welcome to come and join us to practice your circuit flying and landing for our upcoming landing competitions, we will leave YSSY and commence a pattern, then come down for a touch and go on the active runway at YSSY, continue these until you have flown enough then come in for a full stop landing at YSSY and taxi to parking. Please fly in a Qantas Mainline Aircraft (747, 767, 787 or A380).

@BenW will be the Event Leader, if you are a Qantas Pilot then all time can be claimed under a PIREP. (See Ben or myself for details)

Happy Landings and welcome to 2017!


Looking forward to it


where to folks?

Do you guys use Zello? or how to you communicate during the event?

Thanks to all who attended! Was a great turnout, if you are a member at Qantas Virtual IF, please PM me for the info to file on your PIREP

Here is a picture of me flying the 789

Director of Flight Operations
Qantas Virtual Group IF


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