Sydney Airport Tour (2007)

Unfortunately tours around Sydney Airport stopped in 2010, and the spotting tower at Sydney is now closed off to public access. The tours were run on buses around the airport road. So here is an old video of a tour around the airport, the only one I could find.

Credit to Michael Pece.

Video includes:

  • Domestic Terminal
  • International Terminal
  • Aircraft Taxiing
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Takeoffs/Landings

Thanks for sharing this!


Good video! Interesting


Yeah I would have loved to go on that tour. Wish it was still operating.


Such a shame that they stopped the tours :(

It’s sad Sydney Airport is becoming less spotter friendly nowadays.

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Yeah, I hope to get there soon because Sydney has great traffic to spot

I agree, there are many airlines with a range of aircraft flying in here. Mostly it’s just the regular (but beautiful) sights of Qantas 737s, Virgin 737s, Jetstar A320s and alike.

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