Sydney airport runway 07/25 closed?

I never knew that!

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That’s bing maps, their imagery is ancient. This probably happened 5 years ago


It only use when the wing force it :)

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But it said copyright 2016 and it was open 5 years ago.

Yeah, it Only received less than 7% of traffic in 2013.

Apparently the approach for runway 07 can be quite challenging and difficult for some pilots.

Copyright 2016 doesn’t mean taken in 2016 :)


The cross has not the meaning “closed”

Many other airports (with only one RWY) have this aswell (and are opened ;) )

But it had never appeared before and the runway markings are gone.

This is what it looks like on Apple Maps:

I know but it wasn’t always on bing maps, it only appeared recently

It’s normal on Google Maps.

Sydney does not use RWY 7/25 often, its a big airport and mainly use RWY 34L/16R 34R/16L unless wing force it, but when the wind force it, only 737s and 320s or smaller plane will use this RWY, other big plane still use 34L/16R 34R/16L :)

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Then why do we use a bing maps software for our edits? 😂


Cause we cant use google, (google maps’ method aint easy)

What else could it mean besides “Do not enter”?

It’s the threshold, like the lines at the end of most runways

Well the lines are there too (in the other pics), so that’s the threshold.
An “X” means “Do not enter”.
So when the “X” was there, there was no threshold? Weird!

Yes it’s the threshold. And X marks the spot :)

Could it be that when the “X” was there (and no threshold/piano keys) the runway was only used for departures and not for arrivals?
The “X” was only at both ends of the runway and not at the entrances, as far as I could see.
Just a thought.