Sydney Airport Procedure Errors

Hello all,
I just updated IF and have noticed a few procedures are either dodgy or not there at all for Sydney airport.

  1. Arrival RIVET3 is incorrect, correctly it’s an interesting looking triangle (it has one too many lines).
  2. The arrival YSCN YSBK BEROW YSSY isn’t there.
    Could someone help explain? Thanks

This is a first iteration with a new data provider and the team hasn’t been able to fully test every airport in the world. There may be some gaps in the data, like seen here. Normally, this is depending on what information the country has available. @Cameron would like to fill these gaps as quickly as possible. Thanks for your report :)

Thanks for that mate, however Jason did say it would ALL be available. Australia is more than happy to realise this information as Airservices Australia and FR24 have it in their public for. Ill get the official charts in a second.

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Yup. I have tagged Cameron and when he wakes up in roughly an hour or so, I’m sure he would be more than happy to address this personally for a future NAV update

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Balloon is correct. This is only the first iteration and things will only be improved from here on. It can be expected that there are missing procedures here and there; definitely not ideal but until this is a full blown steaming locomotive, we’ll have to work with what the vendor provides.


Yeah rightio thanks. I don’t actually have the YSCN to YSSY STAR as it’s longer thus not available.

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“Coming in the next app update will be a global database of real-world nav data including all SIDs, STARs, and approaches. ALL? Yes, all.” - Jason.
Hmm not quite Jason sorry.

That’s not Jason’s fault. Can’t take the words people say so literal now, can we? 😁


This will be a work in progress. All airports with arrivals will have one or more arrivals when applicable. A missing procedure here and there will be improved over time.